This guide is for those people who have already registered to vote. If you have not yet registered please click here.

Casting your vote for the next president of the United States is one way of actively participating in the democracy that our soldiers fight to protect. Being a woman, I exercise my right to vote with the knowledge that my great-grandmother was born into a country where she was not allowed to vote simply because she was a woman. Today, I exercise that right knowing that our votes matter.

Still not sure who to vote for?

I’m pretty sure everyone has made up their minds at this point, but if not… here’s a survey to figure out which candidate most closely represents your feelings and attitudes on the issues: ISideWith.

Casting An Absentee Ballot: Here’s What You Need to Know.

If you are a US Citizen, you will always have the right to vote, regardless of where you’re living, traveling, or sailing at the time of the election. Did you know that if you have to work on November 8th, you may also qualify for an absentee ballot? Many states allow for this, so spread the word!

State Requirements

In order to vote, you’ll need to find out more about the registration process for the state in which you are registered to vote. Because I’m an overachiever I have gone through the trouble of finding all of your state’s absentee ballot forms here:

*Your state may require special arrangements. This is usually a link to your state’s County Clerks. You will have to email or call your county clerk to apply for your absentee ballot. **Your state will automatically mail you a ballot. If you’d like to change your address click on the link for more info. It’s a good idea to read up on the registration process for your state, as deadlines and procedures vary and change over time. If you have any questions about your state’s voting procedures here’s a website that will continue to update as the election approaches: Overseas Vote Foundation. If you have any questions and would like assistance filling out your form, feel free to ask me. If there’s something I can do, I will personally assist for free!

Mailing Considerations

Make sure to fill out your form completely and have it post-marked by the given deadline for your state (usually November 7th). In the event that you’ve sent a ballot request but you will not receive it before your state’s deadline, you’ll need to request a federal write-in absentee ballot (FWAB) as a backup method. In most cases you cannot use this form unless you have already filled out an absentee ballot request form. In some states you will be allowed to scan and email this form after printing and signing, other states will require mailing. As with everything living, sailing and traveling abroad, finding the time to fill out applications, figuring out where you will be when you need something mailed, convincing your parent/sibling/friend to mail you a form will take time and effort, so planning ahead is crucial.

Instead of closing this article, why not take at least one step toward making this happen today?

Sure, everyone knows who they are voting for in the general election, but if you need help filling out the rest of the ballot, here’s a website that will help you to compare the candidates side by side in your district. Click Here for more info.

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