A few important notes about Crew Agencies:

  1. They should not charge you anything as the crew seeking work.
  2. They WILL charge the company that hires you, sometimes as much as a whole month’s salary.
  3. Try to establish a personal relationship with agencies, make sure they are looking out for your best interests and not just interested in throwing you somewhere for the highest profit.
  4. Crew agencies will NEVER be as effective as word of mouth recommendations.

If you have taken my advice, you have already decided to pick up your life and move to one of the dock walking epicenters of the world. Perfect. In all of these locations you will be able to find crew agencies with physical offices.

Online Crew Agencies

There are also many crew agencies that you can sign up with online. You can complete these profiles from the comfort of your own living room. Keep in mind that online crew agencies have a bit of a stigma. Many people create online profiles without any real intention of pursuing the jobs offered to them. I have received jobs through these sites, so I cannot knock them, but I will suggest a few things:



Building a CV

Yachting Resume

Dock Walking


  • Contact the crew agencies and introduce yourself. If you have already moved to an area where they have an office, it is always better to do these introductions in person. Make sure to look professional and to bring a paper copy of your CV.
  • Opt to register and upload all documents to their sites. If you have any certifications make sure to upload those documents as well as your CV. If you get a new certification, update your profile right away (also update the info with your personal crew agents).
  • Login regularly, many of these sites rank you based on how recently you have logged in.
  • Make sure to deactivate all of your profiles as soon as you find a job.
  • Be weary and do not accept all offers. The internet is a wonderful place, but it also can be a little bit scary. Make sure to do some background work before accepting an offer. Often, if it sounds too good to be true, IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.
  • I would not put too much stock into anything on the internet. Word of mouth will always be the best way to find a job.

Sites to use:

Findacrew – If you are going to choose just one website to attempt, findacrew is an excellent place to start. I have heard so many stories of people having success with this site. I have also had some success. One note: there are MANY unpaid jobs available on this site. Make sure if you are looking for paid work that you do not spend any time on the boats that are trying to charge you money or not pay you anything. Conversely, if you’re a beginner, this is a great place to find some unpaid sea time.

Yacht Crew Register – A strange, old looking site, definitely could use some revamping. I’m including this one high on my list because someone I know just got work from here. You cannot upload your own CV to the site, but you can search for positions available and apply directly. The best way to monitor this list would be to join their facebook group (link at the bottom of this post).

Crew Seekers Int – Specific for sailors only, YAY! You can browse available jobs but they do ask for a membership fee if you’d like to upload your own information. I do not recommend paying their steep prices! There are other ways to find work that don’t involve paying for a crew finder! Join their facebook group – link below!

Yacht Jobs Guru – This site takes all of the crew agencies, puts them in one place and tries to make it easy to browse. It’s a great resource for finding all of the different crew agencies, but I don’t think it’s the most user friendly option.

Job on Yachts – Similar idea as yacht jobs guru but there is a search option that’s a bit easier to use. You do wonder if you’d be better off searching google at times.

Daywork 123 – Helps you look for jobs in specific locations: Ft Lauderdale, Miami, Palm Beach, Antibes, Barcelona, Palma de Majorca, Antigua, St Martin, St Thomas USVI, Annapolis, Newport, Nantucket, Bar Harbor. They also have entire areas that you can register for.

Mediterranean Based Agencies:

  • JF Recruiting – They have a pretty easy registration system. Clean website, tons of jobs available.
  • Crew and Concierge – Another great site to monitor and register to. Tons of jobs posted daily.
  • Dovaston Crew – Same story, these Med based agencies are on top of things!

Facebook groups:

These groups update with new jobs in real time. If you want to make sure not to miss any of the opportunities be sure to “subscribe” to all updates.

Other sites to monitor:

  • Dockwalk – advice for yachties, fun commentary, forums, and job opportunities posted.
  • Live Sail Die – great site to monitor for people who love racing.
  • Moxie & Epoxy – the best website of all time!




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