Before we get you a paid job on a yacht, it’s time to get some practical experience out on the water. Here are some ideas on how to get your toes wet.

    • Go to some online crew agencies and create a profile. Look for jobs that do not offer any pay, or even jobs that ask you to share expenses while onboard.
    • Take a basic sailing course, you can find one here.
    • Find a friend with a boat and offer to bring the beer on their next outing.
    • Go to a local yacht club and introduce yourself to people with boats.
    • No matter what you do, getting ON A BOAT is the big priority

If you’d like some reading materials for beginners consider purchasing The Complete Sailor book. Keep in mind that no amount of reading will ever give you a real idea for what it’s like to be on a boat, but a little background knowledge is never a bad idea!

You can also check out some basics here: