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As I begin the process of selling all of my junk and packing up my belongings once again for my departure from Maui, it’s always fun to sit down and put some footage together of my recent adventures.

I keep my gopro with me at all times and I usually take short clips of whatever I’m doing. These clips are generally 3-5 seconds, sometimes as long as one minute but never more… Then comes the fun part. I have all of these little clips stored on my computer. They are like puzzle pieces waiting to be assembled. Typically, I will wait until I hear a song on the radio that inspires me and then I will start putting clips to the song until they all seem to fit together just right. This process could take me 15 years if I really wanted it to be perfect, so instead I limit myself to a few hours.

Here is my latest project, a Maui Adventure Video, I hope you enjoy!