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Hey guys, guess what? When you have a flight at 1am on a certain date, that means that it’s really the night before. Glad I double checked! Well I guess that means I’m a mere 24 hours away from my next adventure! Before I tell you all about my imminent expedition, I’d love to recap what I’ve been up to for the last few (silent) months!

I moved back to Long Island at the beginning of June. I was a bridesmaid in a wedding and decided to buy a one-way ticket out of Kauai to hang out with friends and family for the whole summer – something I haven’t done in five years!

This decision proved to be an unbelievably good idea, not just for my mental health, but also in terms of furthering my experience as a captain. One of my first undertakings involved helping a good friend purchase a boat, rig it, paint the bottom, set up a mooring, and.. teaching him how to sail.  It was incredible to watch him go from terrified at the slightest heel to mostly comfortable on the water – though there were a few scary moments in between.

Safety first! Yes, that's me twice..

Safety first! Yes, that’s me twice..

A few weeks later, my neighbor offered to give me his Catalina 22. He hadn’t launched it in a few years and he couldn’t bear to see it sitting in his yard for another summer. Once again, I began the process of cleaning, sanding, painting, and rigging. It was incredible experience for me and the BEST part is that this little baby is all MINE! I have spent so many years working on other people’s boats,  I had forgotten to consider how it might feel to own a boat myself. Let me tell you, it was a totally different feeling – even cleaning and caring for it suddenly became a pleasure instead of a chore!

Meet "Pebble."

Meet “Pebble.”

The summer was exceptionally busy and I spent a lot of time on the water, driving many different boats, which is invaluable experience for my career. Although I took some time off from posting on the blog, I stayed busy with a hodgepodge of jobs I created for myself.

  • I rented my dad’s apartment above his garage on AirBNB and was able to generate some extra income for him while taking a percentage for myself for cleaning and booking.
  • I began teaching private lessons for people who wanted to get more comfortable on their own boats. I taught some sailing lessons and some lessons on powerboats, I even cleaned a few boats for cash.
  • I worked at the Orient Yacht Club driving the launch boat (and inciting civil disobedience amongst the youngsters of our community).


  • I free-lanced as a ghostwriter and editor for a luxury travel website.
  • Towards the very end of summer I got a job working on a beautiful day charter – a job that I may return for next summer.
  • I bought a Subaru at the beginning of the summer and sold it at the end – for a profit.

All in all, I was able to have an awesome time with family and friends, purchase a brand new computer and still end up in the black!

So where am I off to in 24 hours, you ask?


I am so excited to be heading off to South East Asia for the first time in my life – a part of the world that has always intrigued me. So what’s my plan there? The plan is that there is no plan! The first 3 days I will be attending TBEX Conference with a friend who I met in Guatemala in 2009. The conference is in Bangkok where I hope to meet other bloggers who will be adventuring around the area.

When I travel, I love to slow down and take my time. I will not be rushing off to check destinations off my list, or attempting to rack up my country count, I will be spending quality time in places I like and skipping through places that don’t interest me as much. If I find some work that is worth my time in an area I love, I may get a job. If I decide I’m over it in a few weeks, I’ll fly home! It’s nice to have options.

I will be sure to keep you all posted on my travels, and one thing I can bet on is that some of you have connections in this area. Ever since I decided on SE Asia, I have heard countless stories of cousins, aunts, sisters, nephews, friends of friends, etc. Well, if you do have a connection that I should know about in the following countries:






I would LOVE to hear about them. Though I doubt that I will actually make it to all of these places, it’s always good to set ambitions high! One of my favorite parts of traveling is getting to know new people – so if you have someone who I should meet up with for tea or to paddle out with on some waves – please let me know!

Best to all,