Maui Adventures
Filmed on, under and around the water during my five months living in Maui!

Napali Coast Hike, Kauai
The Napali Coast Hike was one of the most challenging and fulfilling undertakings of my life!  
St John, USVI
This was made during my last two weeks living on St John.  I had lived in St John for nearly four years, and these were my final days saying goodbye to friends, loved ones and my favorite spots!

Atlantic Crossing: Antigua to Spain
Taken from our sail across the Atlantic Ocean from Antigua to Spain.  Though the footage does not come close to capturing what the journey was all about, it does capture the calmness and serenity that existed onboard especially when visited by our dolphin friends!

Antigua Adventures

This footage was recorded while we hauled the boat at Antigua Slipway. It was so fun getting to know this beautiful island both above and under the water!

Typical Sunday: St John, USVI
Taken from some friends’ cameras after a wonderful day off. Luckily, on this particular day, the boat that most of us girls worked on didn’t have a charter, so we were all able to go out and have some fun in the sun together! 

St Maarten Adventures

Taken from my visit over in St Maarten while working on a private yacht. I was invited by the electronics expert working on our vessel to fly his single engine Cessna over the islands surrounding St Maartin and Anguilla. It was truly an amazing experience to fly – I also spent some time at butterfly farm on this trip. 

Central America Highlights